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  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan fighting against the forces of evil, in particular his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina), while searching for the person who will inherit Merlin’s powers. This turns out to be Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a physics student at New York University, whom Balthazar takes as a [...]

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  • Step Up 3D

    Step Up 3D

    When the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA) goes to Paris for an international dance competition, one of the dancers – Moose (Adam G. Sevani) – misses his flight back to Baltimore. He soon makes friends with an American away from home and a beautiful French sophisticate. They introduce Moose to the red-hot Parisian underground [...]

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  • Why Did I Get Married Too

    Why Did I Get Married Too

    Gathered together in the Bahamas for their annual one-week reunion, four close couples eagerly reconnect, sharing news about their lives and relationships. But their intimate week in paradise is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Sheila’s ex-husband, Mike, who is suddenly being nice to everyone, which raises suspicion amongst the others, and hopes to break [...]

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  • Eat Pray Love

    Eat Pray Love

    Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) had everything a modern woman can ask – a loving husband, a great career, and a weekend home. But as much she is successful, she finds herself lost, confused and searching for what can fill that void in her life.but sometimes one realizes too little too late that they haven’t gotten [...]

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  • Dinner for Schmucks

    Dinner for Schmucks

    Tim (Paul Rudd) a rising executive, works for a boss who hosts a monthly event in which the guest who brings the biggest buffoon gets a career-boost. Though he declines the invitation at first, Tim changes his mind when he meets Barry (Steve Carell), a man who builds dioramas using stuffed mice. The scheme backfires when [...]

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  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    11-year-old Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) is anxious to start middle school, confident he will easily become the school’s most popular kid. However, Greg worries about how his “uncool” best friend, Rowley Jefferson (Robert Capron), will fit in. While Rowley is a good friend who helps Greg escape his terrorizing older brother, Rodrick (Devon Bostick), Greg [...]

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